We are farmers, community officials, fishermen and conservationists

We are farmers, community officials, fishermen and conservationists who oppose a ballot measure that proposes to rewrite water rights provisions in the California constitution to benefit a few special interests. Together, we worked to pass Proposition 1, the bipartisan Water Bond, that is providing long-overdue funds for projects to help our communities secure their water future. We believe this sweeping special interest measure crafted behind closed doors will result in billions of dollars in costs to taxpayers, delays in much-needed water projects, and costly litigation.

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Sign up today to help our effort to prevent this special interest water grab from becoming law. We need your help in telling your friends and neighbors not to support this measure. Powerful special interests have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to put this on the November ballot. You can help defeat it. Join us.

Facts about their water grab initiative

A powerful group of special interests is proposing a ballot measure for November 2016 that would reprioritize who gets water in the state, giving first dibs of more $10.7 billion to the large agricultural interests in the Central Valley bankrolling this initiative. The measure:

  • Rewrites the state‚Äôs water laws
  • Undermines Proposition 1 (the Water Bond)
  • Could result in sharp cost increases for many Californians
  • Would force the rewrite of many California water laws
  • Creates new and unnecessary bureaucracies
  • Puts fisheries and other endangered wildlife at risk
  • Could change water allocations, resulting in rate hikes
  • Could force the state to pay billions in grants back to the federal government.

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Their Water Grab Initiative

The devil is in the details of this initiative. Read the fine print of this attempt to rewrite California water law to better understand its widespread implications for California's water security.

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Word is spreading about the danger of this special interest water grab in the media. Discover what newspapers, websites, TV, radio and other media outlets are saying about this ballot measure.