March 25, 2016

“Dam Train” Ballot Measure Derailed – For Now

Opponents of a ballot measure to rewrite the state’s water laws today celebrated the failure of the initiative’s backers to qualify for the 2016 ballot, and vowed to continue battling an effort to put the initiative before voters in 2018.

Tim Johnson, chairman of Stop the Special Interest Water Grab, the coalition of farmers, fishermen, conservationists and water users opposing the measure, says the decision reflects a lack of support for the proposal among Californians.

“The proponents underestimated the ability of California voters to see through their poorly-crafted measure to rewrite California’s water laws to benefit a few special interest users,” said Johnson. “Nobody was fooled that this initiative is a Trojan Horse that has nothing to do with high speed rail and everything to do with a massive water grab that poses risk to agriculture, water users, and the environment.”

Proponents have 180 days from the date they received the title and summary from the Attorney General to submit the required petitions to the state. That date is July 25, 2016.

“We will continue to be vigilant to ensure that this measure does not appear before California voters, whether it’s 2016 or 2018,” notes David Guy of the Northern California Water Association. “Voters should continue not to sign these petitions.”